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India Cumin Seed Production in 2019 - 2020 - 547,000 Tons
India Cumin Seed Production in 2018 - 2019 - 693,000 Tons
India Cumin Seed Production in 2017 - 2018 - 680,000 Tons

India Cumin Seed Production in 2019 - 2020 is expected to be around 547,000 Metric Tons, which is 21% lesser than the previous year. Gujarat was the top producing state till 2017-2018. Now the production of Cumin Seed has been declined mainly due to rainfall in the state. Where as the production in Rajasthan has increased, Now its a largest state in Cumin production.

ROYAL SPICES Supplying Cumin Seed All Year Round From India to Worldwide Destinations and Market.

ROYAL SPICES is one of the Leading Exporters of Cumin Seed in the world. Due to the high quality of raw material and an efficient monitoring during the process of selection and cleaning. We are available to offer our customers the best quality Cumin Seed from India. Our advanced selection process allows to classify the Cumin Seed in accordance with its color and its size, resulting this in our well known brands.

European Quality Cumin Seed | Gulf Quality Cumin Seed | Singapore Quality Cumin Seed | Grinding Quality Cumin Seed

Royal Spices is the leading Exporters and Suppliers of Cumin Seeds from India. We are Exporting European Quality Cumin Seed CRE-101 with 99.5% Purity, Gulf Quality Cumin Seed CRE-104 with 99% Purity, Singapore Quality Cumin Seed CRE-106 with 99% Purity and Grinding Quality Cumin Seed from India to Worldwide Destination Ports. Our Cumin Seed are regularly exported to USA, Europe, and Gulf Countries. We are working on the objective to deliver High Quality Cumin Seeds to our client’s at most favorable Prices. We never do compromise on Quality Standards that makes us Top Cumin Seeds Exporters and Suppliers in India. Being prominent Cumin Seeds Exporters and Suppliers in India, we believe in achieving maximum Customer Satisfaction through constant Efforts and Dedication.

The main Producer and Consumer of Cumin Seed is India. It produces 80% of the world supply and consumes 90% of that “which means that India consumes 73% of the world's Cumin Seed”. Other Producers are Syria (7%), Iran (4%), and Turkey (3%). The remaining 6% comes from other countries. In total, around 600,000 Metric Tons of Cumin Seed per year is produced worldwide.

There has been a general increase in Indian Production over the last few years. India contributes 70% of total World Production of Cumin Seed. It is also one of the Largest Consumers of the Cumin Seed and 70-80% of its Production is consumed internally. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major Producers of Cumin Seed in India. They account for 90% of total Indian Production of Cumin Seed. The rest is produced in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. We procure Cumin Seed from the highly reliable vendors of Gujarat as the state is famous for Large as well as Finest Quality of Cumin Seeds. In India, Cumin is sown from October until the begin of December, and Harvesting starts in February. Fresh crop of Cumin Seed generally reaches the market during March. Cumin Seed is popularly known as “Jeera” or “Zeera” in India.

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